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The place to activate the teleporter to the Rockwell Arena depends on currently unknown conditions. For some survivors only the Terminal shows the summon icons, the survivors can see them also in the Obelisks on the surface or in loot crates.


When the survivor enters the Rockwell Arena, Rockwell’s tentacles will attempt to attack them by slamming into the ground, electrocuting the ground, and shooting balls of energy at the survivor and their tames.


This former explorer is a humanoid monstrosity. He is gargantuan in size, ranking second largest in game. His limbs and hair have been replaced by many tendrils with the larger tendrils possessing wicked spikes presumably made of bone. His face is an equal atrocity with one half still resembling a human face whilst the other half is covered in element filled veins topped off with overgrown fang like teeth. His torso is more or less a guard box for his only surviving organ, his heart, that acts as a pump for his element filled veins that are present all over his body.

He stands at 142 meters tall, with his tentacles being 160 meters long on the surface.

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