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The best way to describe his behavior is “Kill everything in sight” and saying “everything” is not an exaggeration. Adding to its sheer power as the mechanized Alpha King Titan, it is considered to be an “Omega Level” threat.


The King Titan is approximately 156.8 meters tall and 266.1 meters long, easily making it the largest creature ever introduced into ARK, towering over even the other titans.

The King Titan has thick scaly skin and stands in a hunched position. It has a layer of mountain sized dorsal spikes sprouting in a curved formation on its back. It has two large blue eyes set at the front of its head along with a nose similar to that of a human skull. Several sharp teeth litter the gums of its mouth. A spiky sail runs down its back to its crocodilian tail. Each hand has four fingers with sharp claws. Just like most Extinction creatures, it has corruption running down its body.

The King Titan on Alpha difficulty has the same outline as its lower tier versions, but it is completely made of and armored with Element since its design is alike the Element spikes surrounding the arena.

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