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Forest Titan Boss Fight


Rockwell Boss Fight – Aberration

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Corrupted Master Controller Boss Fight


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Starting the Fight

To access the boss fight, speak to HLN-A and select the “Arrival Protocol” option, then select a difficulty. Anyone can enter the System Root, but the Survivor initiating the teleport must have successfully completed a certain number of Missions.

  • GAMMA requires at least 58 missions to be completed.
  • BETA requires at least 116 missions to be completed.
  • ALPHA requires at least 168 missions to be completed.

There is a console command that unlocks all 3 levels of Arrival Protocol without doing required amount of missions: DebugAllowVRMissionTeleport


At first he floats in the middle, doing nothing but hurling weak insults towards the survivors. The same insults are effectively intertwined with in-game story. In the last phase, the Master Controller becomes more aggressive, firing lasers everywhere with his eyes that dismount the player on contact. His insults are more heated and frequent, but HLN-A quips back at him harder with a thermometer on her screen.


This corrupted AI stands tall in the middle with a purplish hue and clad in purple armor which shatters on each phase. Once defeated, his face is revealed with a striking similarity to Edmund Rockwell.

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Gamma, Beta, Alpha

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